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Digital Photo Pro - January/February 2017 - PDF - zeke23
English | PDF | 84 pages | 43 MB
Digital Photo Pro: This is a high-quality magazine, filled with comprehensive and informative articles, with great attention to aesthetics, as the photographs and products displayed are done with such class & detail. I have been collecting these magazines, on a monthly basis, which I keep in yearly binders, for reference. At one time, I had at least 6-8 different photo magazines coming to my home but then eliminated all but two and the Digital Photo Pro is one of them. For informative & inciteful articles and crisp, descriptive photos, I believe this is the best magazine available .
A fairly thin magazine (approx 105 pages per issue) that is packed with information. Too many ads for my taste - but even the ads are informative (so not a complete waste of space). Bi-monthly. Recommended for advances photographers.
I'm a Pro photographer, and this is the only magazine on the market that offers honest product reviews and comparisons, informative technical and shooting features, product comparisons, and features on other top Pro photographers. Every serious digital photographer will value from subscribing to Digital Photo Pro.