Pokemon 'Bridged (Season 1 (3 Episodes Missing), Season 2, Extras...

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More details about Pokemon 'Bridged (Season 1 (3 Episodes Missing), Season 2, Extras...

Pokemon 'Bridged (Season 1 (3 Episodes Missing), Season 2, Extras... in Anime
Pokemon Bridged has been described as "absurd". This may be an understatement.
In a style similar to PurpleEyesWtf's "CodeMENT", the Elite3 Team (1KidsEntertainment, xJerry64x and Nowacking) have brought their absurd style and sometimes childish humour to the "Pokemon Anime" and have been producing episodes of "Pokemon 'Bridged" since 2010.
In this torrent
Specials - The Orange Island Special episodes are missing due to copyright strikes.
Season 1 (2010-2014) - Episodes 8, 10 and 15 are missing due to copyright strikes, all three minisodes are present.
Season 2 (2014-Ongoing) - All episodes are present, all minisodes are present.
Extras - Includes a reworking of episode 10 (Episode 10 (The Bond) But With Less Headaches), an FUQs and a sticky commercial, as well as Derubs, recording sessions and deleted scenes.
All canonical episodes are in their original quality of 640x480, with one extra (Sticky Commercial) being in 1280x720.
This series is being uploading for archival reasons, should the originals be taken down or retroactively changed in any way.