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So how are we all doing? Vol 21, so that means if you joined at the start with the torrent Rigmar Audio 001 you have downloaded about 2,100 songs of which I bet you only listened properly to less than half.
I have of course spiced the collection with the occasional Disco Classic or Theme tune just to keep the peer numbers up so the remaining lesser known track get an outing. You will also notice of course as a Scotsman I have included a lot of traditional Scottish music.
The Irish seem to export there music and PUBS all over the World with ease, but as you are finding out fellow Celts, the Scottish have a rich and varied collection of folk music (and Pubs) equally as good, but a lot less known out in the big World that is Bit Torrent.
And you know the real sad bit, I have left out more classics than I have included, as this is just too large a job for one person and I do have a life away from this pesky PC as well.
So I hope you can stay with me over the next few weeks while I get as much as I can out there and immortalized in the Bit Torrent ecosystem, as it is fairly clear to me that you can NOT TRUST the music industry to maintain these classics. Most have no idea what is in there back catalogue but they of course will come after you for the copyright sigh... Enjoy:
Rigmar Radio - Rockin' the Free World since 1967
Rigmar Radio - Seeding to the World since 2004