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Spacecraft Dynamics (gnv64) torrent in Books
Spacecraft Dynamics
by Thomas R. Kane and Peter W. Likins
Mcgraw-Hill | 1983 | ISBN-10: 0070378436 | PDF | xii 436 pages | 56.4 mb
This book is the outgrowth of courses taught at Stanford University and at the University of California, Los Angeles, and of the authors' professional activities in the field of spacecraft dynamics. It is intended both for use as a textbook in courses of instruction at the graduate level and as a reference work for engineers engaged in research, design, and development in this field.
To the Reader
Chapter 1 - Kinematics
Chapter 2 - Gravitational Forces
Chapter 3 - Simple Spacecraft
Chapter 4 - Complex Spacecraft
Problem Sets 344
Appendixes 422
Index 433